live ambient / minimal music

Our EP 'februari' is out now

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Enfant Terrible -> Vrystaete label as vinyl
Only 150 vinyls available, all covers screenpressed by hand

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Low Company London:

" Ice-cave entanglements and ambient vapours from Interbellum, that subtly drift and rumble into the realms of techno and make up the ninth offering on the properly IMPECCABLE Vrystaete (the folks that introduced us to Brannten Schnure!) - literally every one of their releases causing some sorta stir in these waters.

In the absence of having the time and / or education to dismantle the seemingly cast-iron correlation between low temperatures and electronic music, we can’t help but belly-flop into “Februari”s overwhelming invocations of the open ice’s beauty, brutality and COLD - like Interbellum spent the last winter held up in some igloo studio with ‘owt but their humming laptop to keep warm - delicately articulating a journey through isolation towards inner-sanctum, with gritty, city-scape ambient feeling like a distant planet as droning frequencies steadily swell in clean, fresh air and delicate melodies are allowed to soar up into an unpolluted, polar sky.

The opener, “Every Word In The English Language”, tight ropes across a pensive network of underwater currents that rush below trance-inducing, melodic light displays - as if Thomas Koner got snowed in at Jochem Peteri’s studio - the only exception to this equation being the second track, “Brechtje”, that sees the addition of a sombre guitar line - which is kinda the only point where you are reminded you are listening to music made by actual humans. This passage is brief though, before further expeditions continue on the B-side with “Winter” and “Omen”, the former utilising hyper-real computerised warbles akin to the latest productions of HEITH and the latter, saddling-up subsonic bass sonars, deep freeze suikinkutsu-styled synth droplets and distant, frostbitten percussions that recall the more recent works of Bellows or some forgotten artefact on the Icelandic imprint, Thule. Indispensable techno thermos to see yah through the longest nights. "
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i n t e r b e l l u m

interbellum is a live ambient / minimal music duo active since 2016. interbellum seeks ways to create our electronic music on the spot and in the moment.

By removing all barriers between performer and audience we create a shared moment during which we can all listen, relax, meditate, sleep, think.

past performances:

  • 15 march 2019 · Utrecht · Koffie Leute / Brauhaus
  • 1 february 2019 · Corrosia, Almere · First Fr1day
  • 10 january 2019 · Tivoli, Utrecht · HKU
  • 23 november 2018 · Utrecht · The Postroom
  • 16 october 2018 · Paradiso, Amsterdam · PastPresentFuture Festival
  • 5 october 2018 · Tivoli, Utrecht · Betweter Festival
  • 22 february 2018 · Akademie Theater Utrecht
  • 22 juli 2017 · Nagele · Baarmoederschip Festival

visual identity

Our mission is to create a complete audiovisual experience. In our live act we incorperate audio-reactive lights and projections to create a more immersive and encapsulating experience.

To create a more complete audiovisual experience we collaborate closely with 2 theatre designers. These wonderful artists have created our stage / space and costumes and a large part of the interbellum experience: Malou Palmboom & Diane De Boer



interbellum is constantly looking for new ways to make electronic music as live as possible. For this purpose we have incorperated several visual elements in our performance that aim to give insight in what is going on in the sonic world. An example of this is an old GameTrak controller we modified to become a controller for our music. This device works by pulling a string from a solid base and moving it in 3D space. A microcontroller registers the position of the string and translates it into MIDI CC messages for a DAW to be interpreted. Because a visual movement is inherit to this device a relationship between the heard and the seen is implied before mapping has even been done.



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